deklart® – NEVAS Water Magnum 1,5l

Deep black meets comic & neon – a symbiosis of elegance and style makes these bottles something unique – a true work of art. Art that is fun and awakens a positive feeling, yet provocative and with its honesty and genuineness always makes for a smile in the viewer combined with a high-quality water, which is anything but ordinary inside and out.

Limited to 1 bottle.

The artist: deklart®

“If you can dream it, you can do it” is one of Walt Disney’s greatest quotes and a role model for Dennis Klapschus’s art, which he has been creating as a spray artist since 2014 under the label dekLart® (Dennis Klapschus Art). In his art he combines childhood memories with lifestyle and thus manages to remind people of their dreams. Characteristic of his artworks is accordingly the combination of Walt Disney and cartoon characters as well as quotes and sayings that call the viewer to believe in his goals.