Nevas Water 0,75l Gift-Set

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For the perfect temperature – one NEVAS Water 0,75l bottle with the original NEVAS Water Ice Bucket. In a sophisticated design, this cooler ensures that NEVAS keeps the perfect drinking temperature throughout the evening.

This combination fits perfectly as a present, but also for private use at home.

The cooler can hold both, the 0.75l and 1.5l bottle.

Height back | front: approx. 29.5cm | about 20cm

Diameter top | bottom: approx. 23cm | about 12.5cm

Capacity: approx. 5l

Lieferzeit: 2-4 business days within Germany | International delivery times depending on destination country

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Discover pure enjoyment with NEVAS Water Cuvée:

  • The best drinking temperature is at 8-10°C
  • Use a bulby glassto get the perfect experience
  • Slowly pour NEVAS Water Cuvée over the glass rim into the glass
  • Swirl the glass two to three times and watch as the fine sparkles collect on the surface
  • Wait 10-15 seconds and enjoy the first sip of NEVAS – a truly special experience for your palate

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Größe 23 × 29,5 cm

Nevas GmbH

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